Personal Presentation Tactics

Purley and District Business Expo 2013 25th June

Purely Business

40 plus businesses and free key business topic seminars throughout the day.   Develop your business around the Purley area  -  a great opportunity to meet new clients, customers, partners and businesses at a central venue  - United Reform Church, 906 Brighton Rd, Purley, Surrey CR8 2LN

Are YOU planning to exhibit at this exciting new local business Expo?  Here are some top tips on marketing compiled by John Leventhall – Business & Marketing Advisor:

TOP TIPS ON EXHIBITION MARKETING  - 4. Personal Presentation Tactics.

  • Comfort and Clothing:   You’re likely to talk to someone every few minutes for six hours or more. That takes energy and good body language.
  • Wear professionally appropriate clothing.  A circus clown in a grey business suit is as inappropriate as an accountant in a circus clown suit!
  • Make sure you’re well supplied with necessary refreshment but don't eat anything with garlic in it!
  • Wear Comfy shoes!
  • Be open - don't stand around with arms folded - it puts out a "don't bother me" image.
  • Stand when talking to a visitor.  Both can sit for an extended conversation.  Don’t stand looming over whilst the visitor sits.
  • Prize draws can be a good way of collecting contact details of potential customers.
  • Refreshments perk up tired visitors and encourage them to spend more time on your stand.

Questions and answers:  Ask your visitors about themselves and their needs.  Don’t just launch into your sales pitch!

  • Ask what they do in their organisations and businesses.  Ask 'open questions' e.g. “Tell me about… “  “How do you do that…”.  Listening is a more powerful way to find out whether a visitor has purchasing power or influence.
  • Print out customer profile forms for you to fill in contact details, notes and questions you want to ask each visitor.  Not only are profiles efficient for capturing prospect lists back at the office but help hugely when you are frazzled at the day end!
  • Capture notes as memory joggers e.g. "tall, long haired guy who used to work for xyz company" that sort of thing.

It’s easy!  Visit our website purley business expo 
and you can book online and contact the organisers
To book a stand directly click here book a stand

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